Grace attends a public comprehensive high school in Massachusetts.

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It's finally May 1st! When I last checked in, you were trying to decide between Fordham and Hofstra. Which did you pick? Or did you go a completely different direction and choose someplace else? (That happens all the time.)

I picked Hofstra!

How did you make your decision? What were the factors, and what was the deciding factor?

My mother and I traveled to New York for 4 days and spent Admitted Students’ Day and a regular school day at each school. I talked with students and looked over the clubs and extra-curricular activities and I could just “feel” that Hofstra was a better fit for me. I was surprised, because when I started looking I was sure I wanted a school right in NYC. The only thing I can say is that you can tell when it feels right.

How does it feel to be finished with college admissions season?

It feels surreal. I cannot believe that I have spent the last 10 months on this and it is over.

If a current high school junior asked you for a single piece of advice about college applications, what would you tell them?

My advice is twofold. As for the SAT: Don’t get down if your test scores are not what you hoped for -you are so much more than just a test score. As for financing school: Ask for more money after you get your Financial Aid award. I asked both colleges and they each gave me more.

I know you have AP exams coming up--good luck with them!--and a summer job at the YMCA. Do you have any other big plans between now and the start of college?

I am going to relax and have a homework free Summer. The first time since Kindergarten!

What do you plan on doing to prepare for the first day? Is there an orientation in the summer, or is it right before the beginning of school? What else do you get to do to prepare?

I signed up for the Class of 2023 Hofstra Face Book page and already met a number of people in my class. I registered my class preferences online. I signed up for June orientation which is 3 days. Finally, I am going to participate in a community service week that the college holds in August, the week before school starts. I can’t wait to start this next chapter!

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