Grace is getting close

Now is the part of admissions season when we really get into horse racing analogies. Grace is in the final stretch before making a college decision before May 1st. Hofstra and Fordham are neck and neck, and it’s going to go down to the wire. Or will a dark horse longshot suddenly get her attention? Read the full interview below.

Meet the Class gets updated each month from September to May. Each installment features an interview about both the facts and the feelings of where the student is in the process.

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Have you got all your notifications? As of last month you were:

* accepted at Hofstra, with a scholarship

* accepted at Adelphi

* accepted at Marymount Manhattan

* accepted at SUNY Purchase

* accepted at SUNY Stony Brook

What news have you got from Fordham, Rutgers, NYU, and Boston University?

I have all my notifications. I was accepted at Fordham, rejected by NYU and Rutgers. I received a quasi acceptance at Boston University, meaning if I do 2 semesters at another accredited college and maintain a 3.0, then they guarantee me acceptance as a sophomore.

I received the acceptance from Fordham first and was so happy that I did not even open the e-mails/snail mail from the other schools until days after I had received them. I know how that sounds, but I got into the two schools I wanted most, Hofstra and Fordham, so the rest were not as meaningful to me.

Have you made a decision yet? If so, can you explain your thinking? If not, can you explain what questions you're pondering and what factors you're considering? Are you attempting to get any offers changed, either in terms of acceptance or financial aid packages?

I have not made a decision between Fordham and Hofstra. The merit scholarship from Fordham was not as much as I had hoped for, so Hofstra is more appealing. However, the location of Fordham (right in Manhattan) is equally more appealing. My mother and I are going to the accepted students’ days at both schools during April vacation and then I will make my decision. I wrote to Fordham and asked for more money, so I will follow that appeals process and see where it leads. Either way…..I have to make a decision by May 1st. I can’t go wrong with either school. From the very beginning of this journey, they were my two top schools. I feel so lucky to be in this position.

You're almost to the end of applications and decisions! How do you feel?

I am so happy this will be over. It has been a long stressful process. There were so many ups and downs. I am ready to start looking to the future.

What are your last few months of high school going to look like? Are things slowing down? Are you feeling stressed about exams or work? How's your life looking right now?

I am preparing for the AP exams and the teachers are still giving us a lot of homework. So things are not slowing down and the stress is still pretty high. I have a full time job for the summer, working at the local YMCA in the Theater Camp. I did it last year and had a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to that.

What's something you feel good about right now, either related to school or not?

I feel good about my upcoming visits to my two schools and the fact that my decision will be made soon.

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