Grace has good news!

Grace is feeling a little more relaxed these days. She sent out all her applications, and now she’s already got acceptances from two of them. Read about her “thick envelopes” and the rest of her month below. You can catch up on Grace’s earlier interviews here.

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You sent all your applications out by November 1st. Have you heard anything back yet?

Yes! I have been accepted to Adelphi University and to SUNY Purchase.

Has the past month been a bit of a break for you, in terms of college admissions? What college-related things have you done since submitting applications?

It has been a total break and it has been great. While other students are still going through the process, I have been focusing on academics and theater/dance.

Are you having any doubts or second-guessing yourself? Have you decided to apply anywhere else?

No, because I applied to a wide variety of schools: reach, attainable, and safety. I am comfortable with my choices.

Have you got any interviews or visits scheduled?

No interviews, but my mother and I decided that once the acceptances are in, we will narrow the list down and visit the schools again that I am really interested in.

How’s school going? Are you keeping on top of your classes with all the admissions work and theater? What’s the general stress level of the seniors at your school?

Right now the general stress level is much lower. Most of my friends are already done applying, so the stress is in worrying about getting accepted or rejected.

Has submitting applications had any effect on your attitude towards school? Any signs of senioritis?

Yes! My motivation is still present, but nowhere near the level I had in Junior year at this time. Knowing that colleges can still look at your grades keeps both me and my friends still motivated. Also, I could never look at my report card and see a bad grade.

How was your Thanksgiving?

It was good. My Grandmother died in September and this was our first holiday without her. We were apprehensive, but my family from California came for the week and that really helped.

How has your family been through the application process? Are they really involved? Do they have a preference for where you end up? Do you have any older siblings who have been through this process ahead of you?

My mom has helped me through every step of this process: all the way from Common App to FAFSA. Both of my parents visited schools with me, but my mom took more of a role than my dad. They want me to go where I will be challenged. I do have a sister who is 14 years older, but I am told the process was very different back then.

Grace’s list:

Fordham (Applied EA)

Hofstra (Applied EA)

Boston University



Adelphi (accepted!)

Marymount Manhattan College

SUNY Purchase (accepted!)

SUNY Stony Brook


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Photo by Angela Elisabeth

Photo by Angela Elisabeth