Faulkner attends a public magnet high school in Georgia.


It looks like Tulane has become your top choice. What do you like about Tulane? All else (cost, etc.) being equal, would you choose Tulane over George Washington if they both accept your application?

I would choose Tulane University over George Washington University since Tulane actually has a zoology program.

Have you heard any news yet? Any acceptances and/or scholarships?

I have been accepted into Southern New Hampshire University and Kent State University.

Have you begun to feel more distant from your high school? Have you got "senioritis?" Is your relationship with school changing in the final months?

I am feeling more distant from my high school. 

Speaking of high school: what's the atmosphere like? You said that most students are applying to college and expect to go to college. Are people beginning to get acceptances? 

The atmosphere at my high school is stressful. I do not know if my classmates are beginning to get acceptances.

Your application list has hardly changed at all over the year. How long have you known these were the schools you'd apply to? What brought you to this particular set of schools? Are there any stories about any of them that help illustrate your connection to them?

I have known these were the schools I would apply to since I learned about these schools. I chose these schools because they have zoology programs. The only school I have a connection to is George Washington University because my mom is an alumnus

What's the one thing you most look forward to at college next semester? What are you most excited about?

I look forward to the time in between classes when I can sit down in a nice secluded area and watch YouTube videos. I'm excited to actually start learning zoology.

Faulkner’s current list:

Southern New Hampshire University (accepted!)

Kent State (accepted!)

Tulane (applied)

N.C. State (applied)

George Washington University (applied)

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March was, unfortunately, the last I heard back from Faulkner. I will update if I get more information.