Faulkner is chugging along

Faulkner had been working toward a lot of the same goals and deadlines as most other high school seniors. She’s taking the SAT one more time, finishing up her first college application, looking ahead to sending out a big batch of applications through the Common Application. On top of all that, she’s taking actual college courses at an actual college for her high school. Read all about her progress below!

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You mentioned re-taking the SAT. Is that for the November 3rd test? Did you do anything different to prepare for this test than previous tests? How did it go?

I was going re-take the SAT on November 3rd, but I missed the deadline, so I will be re-taking the SAT on December 1st. I have not had time to study as much as I did for the October SAT, so I am a bit worried.

Last month you said that your first application deadline is November 30, for UC Davis. How is that going? Have you also been working on the Common App, or will that wait until after UC Davis is done?

I plan on doing my UC Davis application during Thanksgiving Break. I will do the common application after I finish my application for UC Davis.

What essay prompt(s) are you working on, either for UC or Common App?

The UC Davis application only requires the SAT essay.

Do you have a of supplemental writing prompts, or are most of your Common App schools only asking for the main essay?

As far as I know, most of my Common App schools are only asking for the main essay.

How do you prepare for an essay? Do you have a pre-writing process or any writing rituals?

When it comes to essay writing, I will write the first sentences I think of before I forget them, no matter what part of the paragraph (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) the sentence is supposed to fit in, and if the sentence does not work as the essay progresses, I can simply delete it.

You say that you're on the Savannah State campus full time. What's it like to be a high school student on a college campus all the time? Does it affect how you think about college or your future plans to have this "sneak preview"?

Being a high schooler in college is helping me realize what kind of college I want to go to; one that is large enough that is has a lot of different kinds of classes, but small enough that the teachers at least know my name.

What college courses are you taking this semester?

I am currently taking Environmental Science, Introduction to General Psychology, English Composition 1, and World History.

The monthly list review. Last month your list was:

George Washington U

UC Davis


NC State

Michigan State

Kent State

Southern New Hampshire

Savannah State

Are there any changes to that?

I have added Texas A&M to my list of colleges.

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Photo by Angela Elisabeth.

Photo by Angela Elisabeth.