Faulkner has checked back in

I didn’t hear back from Faulkner in January or most of February, and I was afraid I’d lost her. Fortunately, she checked in last week with some updates. She has a new frontrunner, and we’ll be hoping to hear more from her as news begins to come in!

Meet the Class gets updated each month from September to May. Each installment features an interview about both the facts and the feelings of where the student is in the process.

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What applications have you sent out? What's your list look like now? Are there any others you plan to send, or have you got them all?

I have sent Southern New Hampshire University, Tulane University, North Carolina State University, The George Washington University, and Kent State University. The last application I plan to send is for Michigan State University.

You're beginning your last semester of high school. What's your mindset around that? How does that feel?

I am excited about this new chapter in my life.

What's your best-case scenario? If you could wave the proverbial magic wand and have the entire college admissions process complete, what would be the outcome?

The best-case scenario is that I get accepted into Tulane University. If I could have the entire college admissions process complete, I would be at a fancy restaurant celebrating with my family.

How do you think the process is different for people with ADHD compared to people without? What specific challenges does it bring pertaining to college applications? What strategies for ADHD students are useful for you right now?

The only difference in college applications between people with ADHD and people without it is your answer to the section asking if you have a learning disability. The only challenges I faced with my college applications was finishing them in time. My strategy was to finish the writing section as soon as possible since it takes up the most time and you do not have to worry about it while finishing the other section of the applications.

Is there anything you'd tell your August self now that it's February?

I don't know what I would tell my August self.

What's the atmosphere like at your school? Now that applications are due and most Early Decision and Early Action notifications are out, has there been a change in your senior class? Tell me about that.

The atmosphere is very loud and rambunctious. There have been no changes to my senior classes.

Faulkner’s list:

Southern New Hampshire University (applied)

Tulane (applied)

N.C. State (applied)

George Washington University (applied)

Kent State (applied)

Michigan State

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Photo by Angela Elisabeth

Photo by Angela Elisabeth