First, do you have any college-related activity this month? Any campus tours or interviews? Are you applying early anywhere that has a November 1 deadline?

This month I’m going to try and visit Texas A&M. Next month I’m visiting Baylor and U.T. Austin. I started working on my essay. If I can get everything done before November 1st then I’ll apply to the big Texas schools.

What else is going on for you at school? Are you active in any sports, clubs, and/or student government? What about outside of school? What else takes up your time and energy?

I’m Still working at Ralph Lauren. I’m still in photo. NHS. Spanish NHS. I’m pretty busy all the time.

How are you feeling about college applications right now? Has your mood changed in the past month?

My mood has gone from confused to stressed because now I’m out of time. But it’s fine because I’m working on it.

What is the mood of the other seniors at your school right now? Is college stress a part of the atmosphere?

A lot of other seniors that I know aren’t stressed at all, because they’ve been accepted to the school they want to go to.

The FAFSA opened up for students to start applying for financial aid this week. How ready are you for the paperwork? Will you fill it out soon?

I’m not ready for FAFSA because I don’t have all the paperwork. Except my family is pressuring me to do it anyway, because schools need it for merit based scholarships. But I don’t see a point in doing it until I have everything and FAFSA can give me SOMETHING.

How much, including application fees and other costs, do you think college applications are going to cost you this year?

It’s going to cost a lot. I don’t really want to think about it.

Do you have a sense of what you'd like to major in?

I really want to major in psychology and then go to medical school to become a psychiatrist.

Last month you were pretty frustrated that you weren't getting much information or help at school for college admissions. Has that changed?

It has not changed. They haven’t done much else. We’re starting senior conferences, but I’m pretty sure that’s just about our schedule for next semester.

Let's look at your college list as it stood last month:

University of Oklahoma (top choice)


University of Texas at Arlington

Do you have any changes to that? Have you found any more Texas public colleges you're interested in?

Oklahoma is still my current top choice, but I’m also interested in Texas Tech & Baylor more than I was last month. I’m going to try to apply to those three for sure before November 1st.

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