Three Quick Questions with Denison University

For Three Quick Questions, I send the same three questions to admissions representatives at colleges all over the country (the subject line of the e-mail is “Three quick questions”), and then I hope to hear back from them. When I do, I’ll post them on Apply with Sanity. It’s that simple.

The three questions are meant to probe some of the things that make a school unique but that aren’t easily captured as a stat to go in a book or web search.

Today’s response is from Nick Radner, Admissions Counselor at Denison University.

What is a course, tradition, program or event that is unique to Denison University?

I'd say our most unique academic program is Narrative Journalism, a concentration within our English major. The program blends creative writing with the analytical, research-based emphasis of a journalism program, encouraging students to dive headfirst into new experiences and articulate what it meant for them. It's a journalism program with emphases on creativity and empathy, a combination that's uniquely Denison.

Naturally every college wants to recruit the perfect student--high grades, high test scores, involved in their community, leadership...everything. But what kinds of imperfect students tend to flourish at Denison?

While I'd argue that everyone at Denison is really an imperfect student at heart, students' biggest imperfection that translates to success at Denison is not having a clue what they want to do postgrad. Students can come in with no idea of what they want to major in, how they want to get involved, and where they want to wind up after graduation. Being that much of a blank slate can be scary, but the wealth of opportunities and deep well of resources available give unsure students time and space to figure themselves out.

When people come to visit Denison, what's a place off campus that you recommend they check out while they're there?

If you do have an idea of what you want to major in, be sure to stop by your major's academic building while you're on campus. Odds are, there will be professors and students happy to talk with you! It's also important to stop by Whit's Frozen Custard for the Flavor of the Week!

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