Introducing Three Quick Questions

There’s a new feature coming to Apply with Sanity called Three Quick Questions. I send the same three questions to admissions representatives at colleges all over the country (the subject line of the e-mail is “Three quick questions”), and then I hope to hear back from them. When I do, I’ll post them on Apply with Sanity. It’s that simple.

I sent out a test batch of 10, just to see if I got any responses. One came back almost immediately, so I’m considering that an initial success. Let’s hope more come in soon.

The three questions are meant to probe some of the things that make a school unique and that aren’t easily captured as a stat to go in a book or web search.

Here’s the first response from Conner Green, Assistant Director of Admission at Ohio Wesleyan University.

1. What is a course, tradition, program or event that is unique to Ohio Wesleyan?

The one thing that is unique about Ohio Wesleyan is what we call The OWU Connection. This is a program of ours that helps to connect and intertwine every aspect of the students educational experience together. We know that learning doesn't stop when a student leaves the classroom and that it continues into everything a student gets involved with. The main three points of the OWU Connection are Think Big, Go Global, and Get Real. Through this program students are able to find research opportunities, travel abroad, and internships that will help them to not only have a successful career, but a successful life.

2. Naturally every college wants to recruit the perfect student--high grades, high test scores, involved in their community, leadership...everything. But what kinds of imperfect students tend to flourish at Ohio Wesleyan?

This is an interesting question, something we consistently tell anyone interested in OWU is that there is no typical OWU student. So to say a certain type of "imperfect" student flourishes is difficult because every student at OWU is both "perfect" and "imperfect" in different ways. What I will say, is that the students who seem to thrive and enjoy their time the most at Ohio Wesleyan, are the students who take advantage of all of the different opportunities offered their way. Built into every student's four-year plan is the opportunity to travel, conduct research, participate in an internship and have multiple majors. The students who take advantage of just one of these during their time here seem to thrive and love their experience at OWU.

3. When people come to visit, what's a place off campus that you recommend they check out while they're there?

There are so many great parts of our campus, but just down the street is Downtown Delaware, OH. A quaint little hometown that is growing everyday and is only a 5 minute walk from campus. Full of restaurants like Hamburger Inn, Buns, and Amato's Pizza, as well as different businesses and coffee shops. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a large Farmer's Market with tons of local vendors. The first Friday of every month is the First Friday Festival where the entire main street is blocked off and filled with vendors, food trucks, music and more. If someone is coming to visit Ohio Wesleyan University, they should extend their tour to see the beautiful town that allows us to call home.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to Conner for taking some time from his super-busy recruiting schedule to send these thoughtful responses. Is there a school you want to answer the three quick questions? Let me know which one, and I’ll make sure they get them from me. Please send this to someone who would like to read it, or share it on your social networks.

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