Three Quick Questions with Wabash College

For Three Quick Questions, I send the same three questions to admissions representatives at colleges all over the country (the subject line of the e-mail is “Three quick questions”), and then I hope to hear back from them. When I do, I’ll post them on Apply with Sanity. It’s that simple.

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The three questions are meant to probe some of the things that make a school unique but that aren’t easily captured as a stat to go in a book or web search.

Today’s response is from Caitlin Ebbinghaus, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Wabash College.

What is a course, tradition, program or event that is unique to Wabash College?

Wabash truly has so many unique traditions, programs, and courses, but if I had to select just a few I would say – our ‘Fatherhood’ course, PPE ( Philosophy, Politics, & Economics) major, and the exciting tradition of Chapel Sing during homecoming week where the freshmen sing the school song (2nd longest in the country) for nearly an hour straight, in front of the chapel to earn their Wabash ‘W.’

Naturally every college wants to recruit the perfect student--high grades, high test scores, involved in their community, leadership...everything. But what kinds of imperfect students tend to flourish at Wabash?

The imperfect student who flourishes as Wabash is the kid who is more of a B average, has a few Cs on his transcript, but comes to Wabash and is challenged, pushed to be great by his peers, professors, and coaches in a way he had never experienced, surrounded by students who are leaders and achievers, and rises to the occasion.

When people come to visit Wabash, what's a place off campus that you recommend they check out while they're there?

We recommend students and families enjoy a walking tour of downtown Crawfordsville to explore the 200+ businesses in walking distance of campus – including locally owned shops, eateries, and breweries. Also, if they love the outdoors, check out walking trails and the two state parks within a quick drive of campus.

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Photo by Angela Elisabeth.