Grace is finished with applications!

When I talked to Grace in November, she was still trying to finish her applications. But by early December she'd hit the submit button seven times. Read the entire December interview with Grace below, and catch up with her past interviews here

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This is the fourth interview with Grace. Grace is a senior in the Houston area. She attends a public magnet high school. 

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What applications have you sent out? Did you get the UT and A&M ones submitted? What about Lafayette? Any more? 

I have officially sent out all of my applications! It honestly feels really good to be done and not have to worry about anything, but it is definitely nerve-wracking to have to wait.  

You finished your FAFSA and, I assume, your CSS. Have you heard any feedback from schools on the financial front? (I imagine they don't send any information until you've definitely applied, but if I'm wrong I'd love to know.)

I haven't heard back from any colleges. I am finishing my CSS profile over the next couple of days, and it's taking a while since it is a lot more information. 

Have you had any more interviews or visits since we last talked? Do you have any more coming up?

I have no interviews since none of my colleges needed one. I plan on visiting some of my Texas schools over the break (hopefully). 

Did you do any college app work over your Thanksgiving break? What about homework for your classes? How much of a break did you get?

Nope, no more college applications. My school had a no break work policy, but I definitely checked on all of my applications over the break. 

How's school going? Are you keeping on top of your classes while you also do all this college application work? To what extent do teachers seem aware and sympathetic to all the college app work that the seniors are doing right now?

School has been less stressful since I have gotten a schedule down to accommodate work, and since I have finished applications, things have been more relaxed. Teachers seem to be aware of what work we have to do for colleges, and check up on us around due dates. In terms of school work, things have been the same.

Your application list as it stood last time we talked was:
U of Houston
Lafayette (top choice)
Texas A&M
Bryn Mawr
Do you have any changes to that?

Nope :) Bryn Mawr has climbed up on my list a bit, I did more research to it and I'm more open to being at an all women's school. 

How do you feel in terms of pacing? Are you on track for applications? Are you feeling behind? Ahead of schedule? How does your process compare with your friends' and classmates'?

I am actually way ahead of schedule. I expected myself to be done around January, but I felt that need to just get them all in. I know a couple of students who are done with their applications as well, but most students are still doing supplementary prompts.