Welcome to my EPortfolio!

Click on any of the links to the left to see a document from my Rice College Access Counseling courses. For each document, you'll find an introduction and reflection. For most of them, I'll also link to sections of Apply with Sanity that are directly related to--sometimes a direct result of--the exercise.

Some documents are short, like the FAFSA Completion Support chart. Some are longer, like the presentation I put together for a hypothetical first-generation college student parent night. 

You're also welcome to browse through all of ApplywithSanity.com. Just click on the navigation menu in the top right, or click on the logo in the top left to go to the home page. The blog updates weekly, so there's a lot there. Feel free to share it!

However, this particular section isn't visible in the menus or navigation. The only way to get here is to use the back button or to re-enter www.applywithsanity.com/what-youll-find-here.

I'm looking forward to your questions and feedback!