In case you missed it, March

Maybe you're new to Apply with Sanity. Maybe you were busy. Maybe you put your head down for just a 20-minute power nap and missed all of March. Don't worry. Here's a quick list of what you missed.

Are Advanced Placement classes a scam? I say no, but I explain why some people say yes, and I explain the pros and cons of taking an AP course.

Watch out for "just." I alert you to one word that may be signaling that you're making the wrong decision.

Dealing with family while you decide. You've got until May 1 to make a decision about where to go, but your family is bugging you daily. Here are some links to send them to let them know they should back off.

What do you want from a college advisor? I ask the question, because I'm genuinely seeking your answers.

You've been caught cheating. Now what? Cheating is more common than we like to believe. Handling yourself well when you're caught is not.

Big data and your education. Two stories about the way people manipulate the algorithms to change your perception of schools.

The university marketplace. Thinking about colleges as a capitalist market isn't a metaphor--it's how things really work in the US.

Starting a 529. A 529 is an account that lets you save for college and save on taxes. Check it out.

Making meaning our of adversity. One of my most popular blog posts yet. I explain how the College Board is trying to quantify your daily challenges, and how they might get it wrong.


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