In case you missed it, June and July

It's been a quiet, slow summer for me. But that doesn't mean I had nothing to say! Here's what I wrote about this summer.

I gave a concrete example of how to put your College Mission Statement to use.

I responded to the Harvard Meme Incident and gave some advice about taking control of your communications.

I explained that supply and demand work the opposite way than many of us think about it: there are more universities trying to get you in than there are universities trying to keep you out.

I gave a summer homework assignment to research income trends. I've no idea why this was such an unpopular post!

I tried to make sense of the report that an alarming number of Americans think that universities are doing harm to our nation.

I argued that there are few good reasons to pass up a full scholarship, even though people do it all the time.

I'll be keeping my only-on-Thursdays approach to blog posts through August, and then moving back to twice a week when things really get moving in the fall. Thanks for reading Apply with Sanity!