In case you missed it, August and September

Late summer was busy this year! If you missed any of my blog updates because you were on vacation, too busy getting ready for school, or--like me--enduring a major hurricane, then here's your place to quickly and easily catch up. New blog posts arrive every Monday and Thursday. Thanks for being a part of Apply with Sanity!

I covered the opening of the 2017 Common Application, dove in to the UC-Irvine take-back debacle, and nitpicked a mostly great New York Times piece.

I gave some last-minute advice for ending the summer strong.

I discussed not only getting accepted to college, but making sure you graduate.

I looked at a poll showing a lot of people have regrets over some of their college choices.

I reminded Houstonians--and now Floridians and Puerto Ricans--that the disasters in their area might affect their financial aid packages.

I updated the What Should I Be Doing Now? section for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

I introduced you to Grace and Jack, two seniors I'll be following all year on the college admissions trek.

I explained why you might want to join an honor society...but probably won't.

I asked you a weird hypothetical question to get you thinking about risk and debt.

I gave you my take on Affirmative Action