In case you missed it, April

On or around April 15--Tax Day--everyone loves to quote the beginning of T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland: "April is the cruelest month." Even for high school seniors who aren't yet part of the working world, and many of them are, April can seem at least a little difficult. Before May 1st deadlines, students have to sort through their acceptances, make hard decisions about financial aid packages, and choose where they're going to be next year. Most of my April posts had this in mind.

I used the example of a semi-scandal at UVa to show how money matters when it comes to admissions, but not necessarily how you may think it does.

I passed along a cool project from a performance artist and suggested it can help you understand yourself and your goals better.

I grumbled about the national obsession with students who are accepted to all the Ivy League colleges.

I gave some insight for thinking about Return on Investment and thinking about debt.

Keeping with the T.S. Eliot theme, I explained what Eliot, Hamlet, and something called "the objective correlative" have to do with your college applications.

I begged everyone to stop making such a big deal out of low acceptance rates.

I gave some last-minute advice for seniors still struggling to make last-minute decisions.


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