Faulkner attends a public magnet high school in Georgia.


Tell me about your school. Is it a "normal," comprehensive high school, or a magnet or charter? How many students does it have? Have you been there for all your high school years, or have you moved there?

My high school is a magnet school. It has about 100 students. I have been there for all my high school years.

What is your sense of how many of the graduates of your high school go on to college? What kinds of colleges do they go to? When it comes to going off to college, what's "normal" for your high school?

I think 90% of the graduates at my high school will go on to college. Most of them go to colleges in the state of Georgia. For my high school, going to Savannah State University once you become a junior is "normal."

Is college preparation a big deal in your high school? Do people talk about college a lot? Is it assumed that you will go to college?

College preparation is a big deal in my high school. People talk about college a lot. It is assumed that I will go to college.

How much direct instruction about college applications or choosing a college have you got from your school, either from teachers or counselors?

I have gotten a lot of direct instruction about college applications or choosing a college from teachers.

Are there any colleges that you're already sure you'll apply to? What other colleges are you thinking about applying to, even if you're not sure you'll actually apply?

I am definitely going to apply to George Washington University and the University of California, Davis.

I am also thinking about applying to Tulane University, North Carolina State University, Michigan State University, Kent State University, and Southern New Hampshire University.

What colleges, if any, have you visited or toured? Did any of these tours stand out as being especially good or especially bad?

I have toured George Washington University; I thought it was good.

What are the main things you're looking for in a college? 

The main things I am looking for in a college are a bachelor program in zoology, acceptance of dual enrollment credit, and accommodations for students with mental disabilities, particularly ADHD. 

Have you talked with your family about money? Do you know how much you can afford to pay per year? Do you know how college will be paid for?

I do not know how much I can afford to pay per year. I will pay for college with scholarships, students loans, and cash that's given to me by family.

How are you feeling about college applications? Anxious? Confident? Confused? Explain what you're thinking and feeling as you get ready for this endeavor.

I am feeling confident about college applications. Right now I'm still looking at schools, but I think I will do fine when I start working on my college essay.

What do you not know about this process that you wish you did? What would you change about the past few years to be more prepared for this?

If I could change anything about the past few years, I would have gotten started searching for universities sooner.