Now is the time to think about spring coaching

By far the most popular time for one-on-one coaching is in the spring. Especially juniors, but on-the-ball sophomores also want to start getting ready for a sane college admissions process.

If you're interested in a six-session coaching package with Apply with Sanity, get in touch! If you live in Houston, we can meet in person at a location convenient to you--usually a coffee shop. If you're farther away, we can meet over phone or Skype.

Use the Contact form through the web site, or email me directly at 

What’s different about Apply with Sanity?

  •    Traditional private college counselors are often former admissions counselors from universities—their expertise is on the college side.

  •    I spent 17 years teaching college-bound high school students—my expertise is on the student side.

  •    Traditional private counselors typically work with students in the 11th-12th grade and help recommend colleges and advocate for students with admissions departments.

  •    I primarily work with students in the 10th-11th grade and help prepare students to take effective and efficient control of the process for themselves.

  •    I am a certified secondary teacher in Texas, not a certified counselor. I am an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

What I offer:

Six one-on-one sessions with the student, either in person, over the phone, or through video conference. Each session has a particular focus and theme:

1.    Getting to know the student: what they want from college, need from college, and have to offer to colleges

2.    Exploring the student’s understanding and expectations of their college experience

3.    Talking to families about money

4.    Writing a mission statement to guide the search

5.    Drafting and revising an admissions essay

6.    Forming a preliminary “long list.”

What I don’t offer:

  •    I don’t interact with colleges on your behalf.

  •    While I help with planning and editing essays, I do not compose essays for students.

What I need from the student:

•    Each session will require about an hour of “homework” before we meet.


•    Your confidentiality, privacy, safety, and comfort are important. I will not talk about your sessions or share your written responses without your clear permission. While the nature of this work does involve honest discussions about your strengths and limitations, I will not demean you, your work, or your experience. Any face-to-face meetings will happen in a public place, not alone.


•    $1,000 for the entire six-session program. This price includes the meetings, with each week tailored to the student’s needs and progress. It also includes three rounds of editing for an admissions essay.